Operation & Maintenance

Wind turbine service and maintenance is one of the key activities upon which Terral Wind bases its development and continuously we are committed to add value, providing professional, competitive and efficient services to our customers, as well as an immediate response time to the customers needs.
Terral Wind relies on motivated, skilled and highly experienced service technicians with a professional attitude and knowledge about various wind turbine technologies.

Our experience and expertise in operation and maintenance includes the following:

  • Operation and integrated maintenance services of the wind farms:
    • Wind turbine operation;
    • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance;
    • Preventive maintenance;
    • Corrective maintenance;
    • Major corrective actions;
    • Main components repair and replacement;
    • End of warranty inspections;
    • Execution of improvements;
    • Stock and supply management;
    • Reports preparation.
  • Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services:
    • Maintenance logistics;
    • Torque and tensioning campaigns;
    • Liquid change and filter replacement;
    • Components lubrication;
    • Blade inspection;
    • Service Lift inspection;
    • Retrofit and upgrades;
    • Cleaning and painting;
    • Repair of components;
    • Stock management in wind farms;
    • Supply of consumables and spare parts.
  • Major corrective actions:
    • Gearbox replacement;
    • Blade replacement;
    • Generator replacement;
    • Electrical and mechanical retrofits;
    • Change of transformer and switch gear;
    • Change of the main shaft of the gearbox;
    • Change of the crowns and turning motors;
    • Change of rotor locking bolts;
    • Changes of rings and bearings of the generator and gearbox;
    • Remove of broken or seized-up screws or bolts.

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