October 26, 2021

June-October, 2021

Terral Wind_Continuing our journey within Poland & The Netherlands with the successful completion of the projects: Mlawa (17 WTGs V110 2.2MW 125HH) and Jaap Rodenburg II (10 WTGs V117 3.6MW 91.5HH); and starting the new assignments, OWO project in The Netherlands and Elblag project in Poland, both in full progress. […]
May 21, 2021

March-April-May, 2021

Terral Wind_Starting in full force the 2021 campaign. After the successfully completion of the Klinksberg-Humberg project (1 WTG V117 3.45MW 141.5HH LDST), in Germany, we have quickly move on to our on-going projects Mlawa, in Poland & Jaap Rodenburg II, in The Netherlands. Already the beginning is promising and the […]
February 25, 2021

Happy 10th Anniversary

Congratulations on our company 10th anniversary, it’s been a fabulous journey. Our achievements are the results of the combined efforts of every individual. Happy 10th Anniversary!
February 3, 2021

January-February, 2021

Terral Wind_Finishing the erection of the last WTG & the successfully completion of this great project, despite the hard times we are living, “Warnsdorf” in Germany, consisting in 12 WTGs (V126 3.45MW 137HH LDST). Really proud of the tremendous work done by our teams! Not bad, guys! You must have been […]