December 8, 2022

November-December, 2022

Terral Wind_The successful completion of the “trio” in Germany: Am Hainberg (1 WTG V136 3.45MW 132HH LDST + 1 WTG V117 3.45MW 116.5HH), Lützen IV (1 EnVentus WTG V150 5.6MW 166HH LDST) and Schlüchtern-Elm (2 WTGs V150 4.2MW 166HH LDST). Very proud of our teams’ work and congratulations to all who made this possible. You are […]
November 1, 2022

September-October, 2022

Terral Wind_3 new assignments has been started within Germany – Am Hainberg, Lützen IV and Schlüchtern-Elm. Currently, all 3 are underway and we will keep you posted about their progress. Thumbs up! for our teams. It’s a classic.
September 15, 2022

September, 2022

Terral Wind_Outstanding achievement! The Wohlsdorf I+II project in Germany (8 EnVentus WTGs V150 5.6MW 169HH CHT), is now completed. Well done to everyone involved and special credit to Terral Wind team, Vestas, MAXIKraft and Max Bögl. This was first class work!
September 13, 2022

August-September, 2022

Terral Wind_The successful completion of Markowice project in Poland (11 WTGs V100 2.0MW 100HH + 2 WTGs V90 2.0MW 105HH) and of Adensen project in Germany (2 WTGs V126 3.45MW 137HH LDST). Very well done by our teams and we are very proud of these new achievements. Many thanks to […]
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